Street Photography?

Some who visit this site might have taken notice of some of the recent photos that I have been posting. What happened to your landscape photography some of you may be asking. Well, nothing has happened. No I have not given up landscape photography. I just haven’t been out taking landscape photos and there actually is a relatively good reason for that. 

Lately I haven’t been all that happy with the landscape shots that I’ve taken. It’s not that I don’t like them or that I don’t feel like they aren’t good. I just feel like there is something lacking or missing. Now, it is summer here in Scotland and summer is a difficult time for me as a landscape photographer as everything is green. VERY green!! It’s green absolutely everywhere. While it does mean that it’s fantastic to be out in nature, for me at least, I become very uninspired as everything looks the same. As well, sunrise and sunset here happen to occur extremely early or very late in the day. To shoot a sunrise, I would pretty much have to leave the house around 3am or stay out until after 11pm to shoot a sunset. I’m not lazy but, I do like to get my sleep. Then again, I could go out to shoot a sunset and then just stay out and shoot the sunrise only 2 hours later.

So, to make up for not shooting landscapes, I’ve decided to focus my efforts over the summer on street and urban photography. I’ll be quite honest in saying that I am having an absolute blast shooting in the city. It’s new and exciting. It’s not planned. It’s run and gun and it’s actually quite a bit more difficult than shooting landscapes. I feel like I am more challenged to come away with good shots. Everything is moving and you have to be quick with composing and focusing a shot to be able to come away with something decent.

So, for the time being, I do hope that people enjoy my street photography until Scotland becomes a little more moody with her weather and I decide to head back out to the hills and woodlands.

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Leadenhall – London