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You may be missing out

You travel. You go on vacation. You see the sights, sites and sounds. Except, you’re a photographer. You’ve brought your camera in the hopes of catching some fantastic photos of where you travelled to. The interesting venues, vast landscapes and fantastic sunsets are ripe to be captured. There’s a huge downside to this though. It’s that “always working” mindset we are forever in. Everything you look at is now a composition. You’re checking the tonal range or figuring out if you’re going to blow out the whites on this shot. It’s the photo that you hope brings you the thousands of Instagram “likes” or is the next print you’ll put up for sale on your site. You aren’t in the moment and experiencing what’s around you and you can be sure that your better half knows and feels that too. Continue reading You may be missing out

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Street Photography?

Some who visit this site might have taken notice of some of the recent photos that I have been posting. What happened to your landscape photography some of you may be asking. Well, nothing has happened. No I have not given up landscape photography. I just haven’t been out taking landscape photos and there actually is a relatively good reason for that.  Continue reading Street Photography?

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It’s a new year and a new and hopefully better site design.

I’ve chosen to design a site that was somewhat simple that focused on showcasing my photography rather than something flashy with swooping transitions and fading graphics. My last site was hosted through SmugMug and while it was very easy to set up and maintain, the one thing that I wasn’t able to do there was have a blog. Also, using their e-commerce offerings for selling prints meant that I didn’t have the opportunity to proof my prints in a timely manner after they were sold to ensure the colours were up to par. Each print that I sell now is printed personally by myself to ensure quality and perfection.

So suffice it to say that this is a short introduction to my newly designed site, I look forward to sharing my future photo adventures and thoughts in the times ahead.

Thanks for visiting and all the best for now!