My name is David Howell and I am a landscape and street photographer from Dundee, Scotland.

All my life I have been involved in the creative arts in some form or another. I’ve worked in numerous print houses as a graphic designer. As a video editor and cameraman for 2 major news organisations and a fine art landscape and figurative painter. The one constant though my life has always photography.

Whilst I am primarily a landscape photographer as I love hiking and camping out in nature and exploring the hidden locations that not everyone has the opportunity to see, I also focus on Urban and Street photography documenting the people and cities around me.

To achieve the colours that you see in my photographs, I use filters in the form of Grads, Polarizers and Neutral Density filters. These help add balance between the sky and foreground. My method to editing my photos is to enhance what is already there and bring out what the original scene felt like while I was on location shooting.

I am extremely fortunate to live in what has been voted the world’s most beautiful country. From awe-inspiring landscapes to beautiful cities and fascinating people, Scotland really does take your breath away.

If you would like to work with or hire me, please feel free to contact me here.