Landscape, travel and outdoor photography from Dundee, Scotland

My name is David Howell and I am a landscape, travel and outdoor photographer from Dundee, Scotland.

My photography has been sold across the world through agencies such as Getty Images / iStock and Shutterstock. They have been used in magazine and web articles, commercial and product sales.

All my life I have been involved in the creative arts in some form or another. I’ve worked in numerous print houses as a graphic designer. As a video editor and cameraman for 2 major news organisations and a fine art landscape and figurative painter. The one thing though that has always been consistent through my life has been taking photographs.

cameraI absolutely love photography! I was given my first camera as a young boy and I never looked back. As a self taught photographer, my goal has always been to show a feeling or emotion in my photos over a visual record of a location. I’m primarily a landscape photographer as I love hiking and camping out in nature and exploring the hidden locations that not everyone has the opportunity to see.

To achieve the colours that you see in my photographs, I use filters in the form of Grads, Polarizers and Neutral Density filters. These help add balance between the sky and foreground. I never add any colour to a photograph that wasn’t there to begin with. My method to editing my photos is to enhance what is already there and bring out what the original scene looked like while I was on location shooting.

I am extremely fortunate to live in what has been voted the world’s most beautiful country. From awe-inspiring landscapes to amazing historic attractions, Scotland really does take your breath away.


My photographs have recently been featured in the following publications and websites…

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If you would like to work with or hire me, please feel free to contact me here.