I am currently residing in London, England. Previous stops on my journeys have included Ireland, Scotland, Canada and the United States. My wanderings often take me around the globe photographing landscapes, people, streets and urban environments.

When I am out shooting images for my abstract work, I don’t necessarily photograph subjects. I photograph the way a scene makes me feel at that moment. Admittedly, it may a bit of a strange concept, but it works – and it’s the best way to describe my approach. Much of what I shoot is done spontaneously without preconceived ideas. I let what is around me dictate what is to be photographed.

I see beauty in a photograph, I see texture and light that wasn’t originally there. I make it my own. I deconstruct and reconstruct my photographs to explore what, and how we see. I enjoy exploring the space between photography and painting. Many times using photographs simply as raw material to create a new visual experience.

While I mostly utilise Fujifilm cameras for my work, I have been drawn to shooting on analog film cameras lately. I’ve been using an older Yashica D medium format camera and either a Canon 7, Fed 4 or Petri 7s II for 35mm. These more “mature” cameras along with film produce a sense of days gone by for me. They allow for a slower and more methodical process of capturing the world around me. In doing so, it allows me to see more and be drawn closer into the moments I capture.

I will often find myself shooting scenes of the ordinary. Scenes that we just pass by every day taking little, if any, time to notice. There is beauty in the mundane. A perfect day for me is walking around the city for hours on end exploring different architecture and urban landscapes.